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Guidance Hub

  • Alerts to regulatory changes for your workplace locations that drive internal policy or practice changes
  • Tactical guidance on how to respond to and prepare for different events
  • A database of knowledge to help you build new protocols and provide answers to commonly asked questions
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Regulations and guidance are changing rapidly and coming from multiple sources across federal, state, and local levels. We bring them together in one dynamic platform—helping businesses know what compliance means today and tomorrow.

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Direct Expert Consultations

We’ll connect you with pioneering infectious disease and workplace safety experts who have worked with the WHO, the UN, NASA, and top universities to provide tailored support for testing implementation, workplace design, and facility decontamination, along with reviews of return-to-work plans and decisions.

Comprehensive Return-to-Work Diagnostic

Complete review of your return-to-work plan using our 250-point framework developed by Resilience Health experts, including an analysis of your plan’s alignment with CDC, WHO, and best practices from industry specific experts, holistic evaluation of plan readiness, and identification of specific protocol gaps and areas for improvement.

Operational Guidance

We answer your most pressing questions through research-backed and expert-vetted guidance, providing you with a single hub for best practice workplace protocols.

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Meet Our Experts

Colleen Acosta, PhD

Colleen Acosta


Epidemiologist, Response Management Expert

Dr. Acosta is a seasoned epidemiologist with hands-on global experience in public health planning and response management, having led various teams for the WHO. She has extensive experience in emergency work, especially in outbreak response, most notably with the Ebola Response Team in Sierra Leone and with Zika surveillance, information, and planning in Europe. Her experience also includes working with early warning surveillance and implementation of the International Health Regulations.
Omai Garner, PhD

Omai Garner


Professor, Microbiology and Diagnostics Expert

Dr. Garner’s research focuses on novel Point-of-Care devices for infectious disease diagnosis in the developing world. He currently leads COVID-19 testing efforts at one of the preeminent academic medical centers and research institutions.
Stephen S. Morse, PhD, FAAM

Stephen S. Morse


Epidemiologist, Biosafety Expert

Dr. Morse is a leading epidemiologist, with experience strengthening global capacity for surveillance and detection of new infectious disease threats. He is Professor of Epidemiology at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, and Chair of Columbia’s Institutional Biosafety Committee. Previously, he served as an Assistant Professor at The Rockefeller University, and Program Manager for Biodefense at DARPA. He was Chair, and a co-founder, of ProMED (the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases), which originated outbreak reporting on the internet. He originated the term and concept of “emerging viruses” as Chair of the NIH “Conference on Emerging Viruses” (1989). He was an editor of the CDC journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, and served on a number of US National Academies’ committees. He currently supports the WHO through the expert group on pandemic influenza preparedness planning, and serves on the editorial Board of several journals. Dr. Morse is an elected fellow of the AAAS, the American Academy of Microbiology, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among others.
Erik Prentice, PhD

Erik Prentice


Intelligence Director, Biodefense and Biotechnology Expert

Dr. Prentice specializes in biotechnology evaluation and consulting, he has spent 10 years in the US Intelligence Community focused on understanding and defending against chemical and biological threats. During his highly-awarded career, he led a team in Iraq focused on countering insurgent efforts to develop CBRN capabilities and worked closely with National Security Councils. He has authored a National Intelligence Strategy for Countering Biological Threats as well as a National Biodefense Strategy.